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    Rec709 LUT default in Premiere - Any way to change this?

    geophrian Level 1

      When I'm importing RAW footage into Premiere (2017 & 2018) it automatically applies Red709 to all the clips in the "Master Effects" panel. In earlier versions this could easily be corrected by selecting all and changing them in the Source Settings. Now, it seems the only way is to do it one clip at a time in the Master Effects panel. On smaller projects this hasn't been a huge hassle but currently I'm editing a feature (over a thousand clips) and would love to hear if anyone has an easier and/or quicker solution.


      I found the thread about LUTs and Project bloat but that only dealt with Lumetry LUTs and not the Master Effect LUT. For reference, the footage for this project is MXF files from the Sony PWM-F5 (ASX recorder) but I've had the same issues with Alexa Mini footage.


      My apologies if there is an answer to this already hidden in the forums but I can't seem to find one. Thanks for your help.