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    Create Multicam Sequence Doesn't Work Unless Timecodes Overlap

    Fa310tx Level 1


      I'm working on a project where different cameras were off/on, throughout the event.

      Cameras are sometimes overlapping and sometimes they aren't.
      I have timecode and tape names in all of them, so I assumed that creating a multicam sequence would be easy (select files - right-click - create multicam sequence - use timecode).Unfortunately, it breaks every time there is a gap in timecode (a period of time when no camera was doing video).


      Why not just lay all the clips out in tracks and time and just leave black where nothing is there?

      Why not give the editor the option of filling said gap with other content or removing the gap, at his/her discretion?

      Why just fail?

      Sure, it may be appropriate to give a warning.


      Is there a way (other than manually timelining your clips) to create a multicam sequence when gaps are present?