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    Saving edited photos back to LR CC from Photoshop problem

    wayneh92496952 Level 1

      I am confused as to why I am not seeing a JPEG image edited in Photoshop returning to LR CC.


      I have a photo (an iPhone HEIC image) that I edited in Photoshop. To save space on my computer I saved the Photoshop edited image as a JPEG. The image is located correctly in Lightroom photo's folder next to the original image. But I cannot view the image in LR. I synchronized the folder within LR. I even tried to import the image into LR from the photo's folder but it was not seen. Looking in the folder, it is there. I searched in LR the image number and it is not found.

      So, I tried to save the image in PS as TIFF and PSD and both are saved back to LR without a problem. Now I have four images in the LR photo folder (original, JPEG, PSD and TIFF). But I cannot find or view the JPEG.



      Am I missing something?  How do I tell PS to save the image as a JPEG and return it to the original folder and then be visible in that folder within LR CC?


      Also, is there a way of just saving the PS image as a TIFF file but reduce the size?  The iPhone image is about 1.5 MB but both the TIFF and PSD images are about 45 MB.