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    Restrict Trims To Subclip Boundaries

    animationlife Level 1

      Hello Everyone.


      I really like this feature very much. Inside the Source monitor, I create an I/O Points, and either I use Control+ U, or I choose, Clip- make Subclip.

      since, The Restrict Trims To Subclip Boundaries Is Checked, Therefore, If I use the Ripple Edit Tool, I will not accidentally Drag my Clip into Unwanted areas. Now, this is my question please:


      Let say that I have done my Editing, and all my clips inside the Timeline are not Restricted, and they are not Subclips. How can I change each clip Into Restrict Trims To Boundaries. In other words, I want all my clips In my Timeline to be AS Is, and do the same Behavior as I did when I use the Restrict Trims To Sublcips Boundaries.


      Thank you very much.