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    Graphics Processor detection not the same between PS, LR, BR???

    paul@microtime.com Level 1

      I just moved everything to a new system with Intel Graphics UHD 630 graphics (1GB), in part to improve performance in PS and LR.


      PS detects and keeps the Graphics processor checkbox and advanced options enabled and shows that in System Info too.

      LR Classic lets me enable the Graphics processor and System Info shows OpenCL as "Passed", but it won't keep the setting, it is unchecked very time I restart LR.

      LR CC has the checkbox disabled.

      BR says the Graphics Processor has been disabled due to an error, and when I check the box, it says it is currently disabled due to "Unsupported hardware/driver version"


      This is on a brand new motherboard with the latest drivers.


      Am I missing something here? I spend most of my time in LR Classic, so any help getting that setting to persist would be appreciated.