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    A Question to Me and By Me?

    newchickinCF Level 1
      Hi, Guys I just wanna Know that i am using Simple build in AJAX within Coldfusion 8 and I use no AJAX framework.

      Do i need to know any ajax framework or just build in ajax in enough for me and also i am building slowly and slowly in ajax of coldfusion

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          craigkaminsky Level 3

          Given the current state and direction of web development, I would take some extra time and learn one (or two) of the popular Ajax frameworks.

          jQuery (jquery.com) is very popular and quite simple to learn/use. It has been backed by Microsoft, who will add it to some upcoming version of Visual Studio (or they already added it, I forget).

          Prototype (prototypejs.org) is sort of the granddaddy of Ajax frameworks. It's widely used and supported. Several other libraries, most notably, Script.aculo.us (script.aculo.us) are built on top of Prototype, providing effects and other features not found in Prototype. Prototype is, essentially, the base library in this scenario.

          Mootools (mootools.net) is growing in popularity and getting some good press lately.

          There are larger frameworks such as Dojo and Yahoo! UI. These are very large Ajax libraries with a lot to them.

          So, while CF's built-in Ajax, which I think is built on the ExtJS library (that may be wrong), is good, you'll be better served in the long run to know another Ajax library or two.

          Good luck!