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    Problem with sound

      I have another problem guys. In scene1 of my flash presentation I imported a sound (a song) there. And when the button (a button which links to scene2) in scene1 is pushed i attached a script there (stopAllSounds) so that the sound in scene1 will stop when i switch to scene2. The problem however is that the sound (a song) in scene2 will not play. Is it because of the "stopAllSounds" script in scene1? But if I remove that scrip in scene1 the sound in scene1 will continue to play in scene2 along with the sound intended for scene2. Please help masters :s
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          Yes and no.

          I have found that you need to have 1 blank keyframe in-between calling stopAllSounds and starting a new sound. So, if you start Scene 2's sound on frame 2 of your timeline (adding a dummy keyframe to frame 1) then your sound will work.