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    Scans Delete Without Warning When App Reopens

    Trenton9 Level 1

      If you take scans and leave the app before saving, when you return to the app, it first displays the most recent unsaved scans.


      Being new to the app and thinking it's just a preview of saved scans, my first reaction is to hit the 'X' in the corner to exit and get to the scanning screen. In doing so, ALL the unsaved scans are deleted!


      There needs to be a 2nd warning prompt that I'm going to lose all my scans if I proceed after hitting the "x". Lost over a hundred pages this way.






      (Other times you get that warning prompt after hitting "x" but ONLY if you haven't left the app since your last scan. Is this an oversight in the way the app performs, or am I experiencing a bug?)

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          meenakshin83966505 Adobe Employee

          Hi Trenton,


          Sorry for the delay in response.


          You will receive a prompt whenever you will click on the "X" icon without saving the document.

          Either 'you scan PDF and click on "X" without saving the document' or 'when you click on "X" after returning to the app that you left without saving the document'.

          In both the condition, you will receive the prompt "Closing will delete the scan you have captured. Are you sure you want to close without saving?".


          Please check if you are not receiving the prompt in these scenarios.

          Make sure that application is updated.

          Try once to sign out from the application and uninstall it.

          Reboot the device and install the application.

          Check if that helps.


          We will be waiting for your response.

          Let us know how it goes.




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