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    Please I need a quick answer.

    ooba Level 1
      I have lots to do and little time to do it in. I am creating class files (.as) to create objects to use in my flash file. However I can not seem to get them to import.

      I am not sure how to specify the path to the .as file as it is in a folder nested below the level that the flash file is in.


      Would i NOT just specify
      import myClasses.MyClassA;
      import myClasses.MyClassB;

      var myAObj:MyClassA = new MyClassA();
      var myBObj:MyClassB = new MyClassB();
      ? ? ? ? ? ?

      It appears to me that I need to be able to identify each class a package path or something.
      Can someone tell me how to import classes from a nested structure.
      I dont want all the .as files on the same level as the flash file.

      Thank you all for your assistance.