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    Uploading multiple files without Flex or ProFlashUpload

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      In .NET there is a way to do a batch upload. You designate an upload folder, and when a user clicks a button, all the files in that folder are uploaded at once. Good for an image library administrator, for example. In CF, I don't see a similar ease-of-use. I've found an article that explains how to do a multi-file upload using Flex 2 and CF MX and another article that shows how to use a $50 utility.

      Does anyone know of a way to do this simply with CF code, maybe a custom tag or a UDF or somthing else? Using Flash would be a good prospect, too. Perhaps there's a way a user could click a "browse" button in a Flash form, drag and drop multiple files, and then upload them all at once. That's what the ProFlashUpload utility does. But is that utility the only way to accomplish this? If it is, I'll gladly pay for it. Before I do, though, I'd just like to make sure there are no other known options.

      Notes I've taken during my online searching appear below, in case anyone else is interested.


      Uploading multiple files

      upload directory/folder
      batch uploading
      multi-file upload
      custom file upload class


      using Flex 2 / Flash Player 9. The server=side upload script is ColdFusion.

      his article is here
      http://ryanfavro.newmediateam.com/blog/index.cfm/2006/8/12/Flex-2-Multi-File-Upload-Exampl e


      Multiple-File Uploads with ColdFusion



      Multiple file upload with Flex and ColdFusion





      download free demo from