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    Title graphics not working properly (blurry/pixelated/bold)

    Samuel Glassar

      Argh what a pain.
      This is what the title should look like:

      Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 9.41.59.png

      And if I either wait a while or maybe do some small changes (I have no idea what makes this happen, seriously just waiting a few minutes and it changes back to blurry in preview) OR if I export it, it looks like this:
      Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 9.42.35.png


      Here is my sequence settings:


      Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 9.53.22.png





      And here is my export settings:


      Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 9.53.30.png


      Also some exports that I've done with this material have had a flickering effect on the title. But only some?? (Export/sequence settings have not been changed between different test-exports).