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    Duplicating the fillable form with different fields names (repeat entered information)


      Hello everyone,


      Fresh rookie here.

      I am trying to make this form (fillable form with dropdown menu, text fields and etc) duplicated onto another pages.

      It has name of client, signing date, person in charge, comments and what not.


      I am simply trying to duplicate this same page with different field names.

      So, I have this master page that I've created with everything completed.


      My question is that if there is any way to duplicate this mater page to be duplicated with different name values (automatically changes to XX-1, xx-2, xx-3 etc) to

      multiple pages... I am basically trying to duplicate this pages 30 times.. (30 pages)


      When I duplicate across pages, then it obviously duplicates the exact same page with exact same filed values and names.

      So when I type something on the master page then, all other 29 pages change their value the same.

      I am not sure if I am explaining it right here.


      Anyone please???

      I am so desperate here... Thank you. ^^