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    Lightroom presets not showing up (Tried everything)


      Hi everyone,

      I'm reaching out to the community because I'm having quite the problem with lightroom at the moment, since I'm working on external hard drives, I have multiple folder for my hardrives directly set into lightroom. And I kept seeing some of my presets disappearing when I switched folder, meaning, I don't have the same presets depending on which hardrives I'm working on... I've tried everything and I could really use some help at the moment.


      • I've tried deleting them from the folder in my computer manually then adding them again.
      • Checking/unchecking the "save with the catalog" function.
      • Creating new folders in lightroom and importing them this way after deleting my presets from my lightroom & Camera Raw folders.
      • Going back to an older version of lightroom and updating it again, which FINALLY WORKED... For a minute, then my presets disappeared again.



      Does anyone have any idea what to do ?

      I have tons of pictures to edit in the next 3 days and I'd really need some help right now.




      Thanks in advance,