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    Scrollpane problem/interference with bitmaps

      I call it a conflict because when I remove the scrollpane from my library and any reference of it from my actionscript code my movie works fine.

      I have a scrollpane.. working.. and doing what its supposed to do. However it's causing a problem with the images in my movie. My movie has to bitmap elements on the root screen, one on the left and one on the right. A duplicate image of the one on the right is created and overlaps the one on the left when I include a scrollpane component in my library. Its confusing. But when I remove the scrollpane from my library and remove any actioncript reference of it the problem dissappears and everything looks normal. When i keep my scrollpane but then remove the lines:

      import flash.display.BitmapData;
      import flash.geom.Rectangle;

      I get this error:

      [Check Code]

      Im trying to understand this conflict but need your help. Whilst I'm here can anyone tell me what I can use instead of a scrollpane component? Any alternatives?