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    Recently, I found a strange thing inside the company. My own computer uses IE browser to open the website twice, and IE will definitcely crash.

    zhao jiemin Level 1

      Hello everyone. For help, can anyone tell me how I can solve this problem.


      Not everyone inside the company, it is like this. Currently only two computers are found to be like this.


      System Window7 64-bit system


      Flash version Adobe Flash Player (64-bit).


      In addition, since I am a Chinese user, downloading Flash will automatically jump to 2144. I can't install the latest debug version of Flash.

      how to solve it.


      Website address 2144《屠龙战记》兄弟版

      It is a Chinese website that opens twice. IE crashed


      If it's a code issue, please tell me how to check if a code is causing IE to crash。

      I have an mdmp file, which email should I send?


      This is the download address

      player_crash_log_(1).mdmp - Google Drive


      This is a Chinese game.



      You open two websites with IE11, and IE will crash directly.



      This is a crashed file that can be downloaded here.