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    TOC changes not saved

      RoboHelp 6 and Robo SourceControl are not saving changes I make to the TOC.

      If I change the text in a TOC entry (which checks the TOC out from RoboSource Control) then check the TOC (.hhc) back in, it looks fine. If I then close RoboHelp it checks the TOC out and then it asks me if I want to check it back in on exit. I check it in again and when I re-open RoboHelp (get latest TOC from Source Control) and check the project TOC it is back to how it was before I changed it.

      It even happens if I change the actual Topic Title, drag that into the TOC and remove the old TOC entry. So annoying...

      It seems as though RoboHelp is not checking in the TOC either when I check it in myself or when I opt to check it in on exit, even though it indicates that it has been checked in both times.

      And why does it check out the TOC when I close RoboHelp (after I've already checked it in) only to ask me if I want to check it in on exit?

      Can anyone shed any light on this?