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    Flex Hibernate problem

      I am using hibernate through FDS. I am using dataservice fill method to execute hibernate query and get the result in ArrayCollection. It works fine if the no of records are less in a table(upto 20 records). If the no of records increased i.e. more than 30 it gives below error
      body = (Object)#1
      clientId = (null)
      correlationId = "DCEA6849-4762-A819-DA67-F37645C2252C"
      destination = ""
      extendedData = (null)
      faultCode = "Client.Error.DeliveryInDoubt"
      faultDetail = "Channel disconnected before an acknolwedgement was received"
      faultString = "Channel disconnected"
      headers = (Object)#2
      messageId = "137FC9F8-3969-C173-7214-F3769DF4EC7D"
      rootCause = (null)
      timestamp = 0
      timeToLive = 0

      Is anybody have any idea why this is happening?