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    Adobe Stock Image Licensing for Packaging




      I downloaded a stock vector christmas card from Adobe Stock on a standard license and incorporated a few elements from the stock christmas card onto some seasonal packaging for my work. The product will be sold in select stores and to my knowledge will be less than the limited 500,000 copies stated in the terms and conditions. The design for the packaging looks nothing like the original stock christmas design, I just took the border and another graphic to use as secondary elements but the main design for the package is my original work. But I'm wondering if this violates the following:


      "(ii) You may not incorporate a Work into merchandise intended for sale or distribution, unless (A) the Work has been modified to the extent that the modification is not substantially similar to the original work and can qualify as an original work of authorship; or (B) the primary value of the item or merchandise does not lie with the Work itself, For clarification, producing an unmodified Work on a poster intended for resale or distribution is not permitted, as the primary value would lie in the Work itself."


      Any help would be appreciated, I'm not sure if i should purchase a extended license for this situation or not.


      Thank you.

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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Nick,


          Thanks for reaching out to the Adobe Stock community.


          Since you are using the border and another graphics as secondary elements from the vector file you have licensed from Adobe Stock website(under the standard license) and you are not using the actual asset for the main design of the package, a standard license seems to be fine.


          Please share the file ID of the image which you are looking to resell, and it would be extremely helpful if you can share some screenshots of your work too. I apologize for the multiple asks here, since you have a standard license, we need to be sure that major part of the image is not used for reselling purpose.

          Please check your private message. I am sending you my Adobe ID over the private message, you may share the work over there if not in the open forums.