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    Debugger can't see XML variable data

    FredMB Level 1
      I took a small app over from Flex 2 (really simple, load myxml.xml from the local directory and display contents into a textarea field).

      var pXML:XML = new XML( event.result.myRootNode );
      textArea.text = pXML.toXMLString();

      When I hit a breakpoint in Flex 2, I am able to traverse the XML nodes in the Variables window and see child xml. In Flex 3, I only get "[object Object]" for my variable. I can see the nodes in 'event.result', and there seems to be a new "object" tree as well as the 'node.ObjectProxy@...' in that.

      In Flex 2 the textArea shows the xml document, in Flex 3 it shows "[object Object]"

      Ideas? Much appreciated if so.