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    Large Project Setup

    markdemich Level 1
      I'm setting up a large project that's made up of a bunch of Flex and Actionscript projects. I have three sets of source folders that each of the Flex and Action Script projects share. So I created a simple eclipse project for each folder and referenced them from the various Flex and Actionscript projects. Everything worked well, it compiled and I was able to run each Flex and Actionscript project.

      Then I decided to add a class to one of these shared projects using the "New|Actionscript Class" menu item. The problem is that without the project having the "Actionscript Nature" the dialog won't work. There are three reasons I don't want to add the nature.

      1. I think it slows down my compile times because now it's also trying to compile that folder as a project.
      2. Sometimes, I get duplicate compilation error messages when it's that way.
      3. If I have it that way, then the "Run last application" doesn't work anymore and I have to constantly click back into the app I'm working with after making each edit.

      Does anyone have any advice on how they deal with this?