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    Image Help needed - should I rotate or what for mobile?

    revdave Level 1

      Hi all,

      I am trying to create a simple page that displays one image on Mobile phones.

      This image is landscape and roughly: width="600" height="240"

      If I add an image tag like:

      <img src="mypic.jpg" width="600" height="241" alt=""/>


      portrait view...

      it shows up too wide in portrait view - so you have to scroll left and right to see all of it. (not that great)

      landscape view...

      if you rotate the phone to landscape - it is just about full screen in landscape view. This is basically what I want.


      Also it's upright in both views.


      I am wondering if I can can set it up to start as already rotated in portrait mode which should encourage people to try to rotate their phone to see the better view.

      I tried transform: rotate(90deg) but couldn't get it to show correctly (odd size - not left alight etc.)

      Is there a good way to set this up?