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    Dual Monitor operation

    Philip Tory Level 1
      Can I pass on a tip about a really useful Utility that I have been using for some months? It's called Ultramon, and it automates the usage of dual monitors. The Taskbar at the bottom extends across both monitors, with the relevant application button appearing on the corresponding monitor. At the click of a button you can switch an app from one monitor to the other, and even extend one app across both screens (and click back again) - useful for RH7 side-by-side operation. You can select either monitor as Primary, with about 2 clicks. You can even operate TEN MONITORS if you're a real enthusiast!
      I also find it handly for switching DVD/Training videos to LCD Projector when doing PowerPoint presentations.
      See www.ultramon.com. Free, 30-day trial.

      And no, I don't get commission! But it has usefully improved my productivity. Try it!