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    Premiere just can't get it done?


      Yes --- after countless hours on chat and over a dozen phone calls to Adobe support in India... I finally got the word from the manager: Premiere is not designed for feature length television … 90 minutes is too big of a timeline for Premiere to handle.


      Certainly this isn't true... but this is a perfect example of how these customer service people are instructed to say anything to get you off the line so they can get to the next customer with a far more simplistic issue.


      Yes... I guess when no one on staff can figure out why one is unable to make the simplest editing commands without waiting between 20 and 60 seconds for it to render (and that's just to change the size of a clip from 100% to105%) then there is no other answer than to say, "our product just isn't designed to handle that much content, but maybe after our next upgrade it might work."  No one will allow me to get past the first level customer service person, so I guess I'm to believe they are equally ignorant.  


      Well, I am left to my own devices as I trouble shoot my way to completion. I know Adobe will never read this... but by chance if they do, they can have a great chuckle over it while hanging around the water cooler. At least I lived in a time where there was something called customer service... those days are long gone and Adobe can be proud to say with pride, "THE CUSTOMER ALWAYS COMES LAST."


      And by the way... if you know of anyone has a solution for my problem, I'm open to anything. For now I have to export each clip change to another sequence. After the change is made I then import it back into my timeline sequence. Truly a pain but I have to get this done … no thanks to Adobe.


      Cheers from Editing Hell.