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    Adobe Acrobat DC - Locks Up When Scrolling

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      I been experiencing some issues over the past few weeks with Adobe Acrobat DC. When you open a PDF document, from any source location (IE: File server, local hard drive, outlook email), and you scroll through the PDF document, Adobe Acrobat will lock up while it loads the pages for that PDF. I have noticed that it doesn't matter how large or small the PDF document is, in terms of the number of pages and/or file size of the PDF. IE: there could be 3 pages and Adobe Acrobat will still lock up while scrolling between the pages. What I have noticed is when Adobe locks up, you will have to wait between half a minuet to a minuet for the page to load/render to the user before you can scroll to the next page.


      The computer Adobe is running on is a Toshiba Satellite S55, Windows 10 Pro. Latest updates has been applied to Windows. Adobe is on version 2018.011.20058 with Continuous Release. I have already looked at a few other discussion posts regarding this same basic issue. I have tried messing the the following settings in Preferences > Page Display > Rendering - Smooth Text, Smooth Line Art, Smooth Images, and  Enhance Thin Lines. I have also tried the common re-install Adobe Acrobat and ensure that the latest updates has been applied.


      So I wonder, did I miss something, or is there another setting I need to look at that I don't know of?

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi Trav2016,


          As per the issue description mentioned above, Acrobat locks up while scrolling any pdf file , is that correct?


          Please try following troubleshooting steps:

          1- Try rebooting the machine once if you haven't already and check if that helps.

          2- Launch Acrobat as an administrator- Run an Adobe program as administrator | Windows 7, Vista

          3-  Try running Acrobat in compatibility mode by locating Acrobat icon on the desktop > right click > properties > compatibility tab > check the box run this program in compatibility mode for and select Windows 7 from the drop-down options. click Apply OK and check.

          4- Also, try disabling Protected View / Enhanced security by clicking Edit menu > Preferences > Security (Enhanced) > select Off under Protected View > uncheck the box next to enhanced security > click OK. Relaunch Acrobat and check.

          Note: Disabling protected view/ Enhanced security is for troubleshooting purpose only, and not recommended. Please turn the feature back on after troubleshooting is complete.


          You may also refer to the following forum thread discussing the similar issue:

          Re: Page order problem when scrolling



          Let us know if you need any help.


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            I did the standard turn the computer off and on and that didn't resolve the issue. I ran Adobe as an administrator and no improvements. Next, I ran Adobe in compatibility mode with Windows 7 and again, nothing.


            Regarding the Protected View when I looked at the setting, it was already set to disabled. Switched Protected View to Files from potentially unsafe locations and also tried All files - this made the scrolling worse. So leaving the setting at it's original state of Off is giving me the best performance.


            I disabled the Enhanced Security and so far that has improved the performance of the scrolling in Adobe. I will let you know how that goes. Giving it a couple of days to see if it worked or not.


            Note: I have not checked the Intel Graphics driver. The laptop, Toshiba Satellite S55, does not have a built in GPU. If the Enhanced Security does not fix the issue, I will look at the Intel Graphics Driver. Also, the person with this laptop will be out of town next week, so I may not respond for a little while.

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              So disabling Enhanced Security did a little performance improvement, but not much. Adobe is still pretty lag. I haven't checked the Intel Graphics Driver. Will look at doing that either today or tomorrow.

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                I applied the Intel Display Driver version on the laptop, Toshiba Satellite S55-C5274. So far I have seen improvements. The graphics looks much sharper. When opening and scrolling in Adobe documents, it's been much better. There has been a few times that it locked up, but not as bad.


                I will test this for a few days and keep you posted on how it goes.

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                  On the plus side, I think the graphics looks much better and clearer.  However, scrolling in Adobe is still a problem. At first I thought it was fixed, but as the day went on, the locking up while scrolling pressed on.

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                    So out of all of these, the only one that did the most help was the Protected View setting in Adobe and updating the Intel drivers. However, those still didn't really help much.


                    I found another article on the Adobe Forums that has helped the most. It was suggesting going into the Intel Graphics Control Panel and Setting Anti-Aliasing to "Enhance the Application Setting". After I did this, Adobe Acrobat really didn't have much of a problem with scrolling.


                    You can read about the fix I found here: scrolling problem acrobat pro dc


                    Acrobat still has a problem from time to time with Scrolling but it's not that bad. I was noticing when this happens, in Task Manager you will see the HDD usage between 80-100%. When Acrobat responds again, the disk usage drops down to below 30% on average. The usual time of Acrobat locking up in this case in about 3 seconds. This is a major improvement compared to before.

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                      Guess what Adobe, as you could guess the problem is still happening. It's not as bad, but still noticeable enough to cause me to write this post. There are still PDFs that you can open and will  lock up/lag when you scroll. Though, it's not as bad, but the problem is not fixed. I don't know what else to look at, any ideas Adorobat?

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                        Vinod Dobhal Adobe Employee

                        Hi Trav2016 ,


                        Could you pls.help us with the dump file when the application is in a hang state? Also pls. provide us the version number of the application.




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                          Sorry for the delay in the response. Shortly after I made my last post, Adobe Acrobat was updated automatically, and I was testing it to see if there were any improvements. I also tested the setting changes listed above with the new version. The update came out on October 4th, 2018 or at least that when it was applied to the employee workstation. Adobe Acrobat is currently on version 2019.008.20071 Continuous Release.


                          Getting the dump file is kind of hard because Adobe Acrobat only hangs for a few seconds before it starts to respond. When it hangs, it's while you are trying to zoom in/out or scroll. I have attached a dump file of an instance today where Adobe Acrobat was hanging while I was trying to zoom in/out. The document I used was a 1-page document.


                          * The dump file is too large for Adobe's uploader, I here is the link: https://portal.archwaysys.com/index.php/s/Aj3jPDTTpaBaZ9D