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    Support not available for DC product installed with individual subscription on a virtual system


      Dear forum moderators,


      I support multiple companies and have recently ran into an issue where some of our users are experiencing very slow opening and closing times for PDF files, even quite small ones.  This is causing a considerable decrease in productivity for these users.  Two of the companies are Amazon AWS subscribers, and the users in these companies use Amazon Workspace systems for their daily tasks.


      I personally have access to two Amazon AWS Workspace systems, both with very similar hardware specifications. On one of the systems (with Acrobat Standard DC installed), I am able to open files as I would normally expect.  I have been testing this with a small, 140 KB PDF file.  On this system the file both opens and closes within one second.  On the other system (with Acrobat Pro DC installed) the same file takes an average of 11 seconds to open and an average of 42 seconds to close.


      A short time ago I contacted phone support in an attempt to resolve the slow performance on the one system.  After a period of initial triage, the support representative asked about the subscriptions.  One of them is part of a team account, and one of them is an individual account.  Both accounts are up to date and have been paid in full.


      The representative left the conversation for a few moments to confirm, and then came back on line and related that he was not able to provide any support in this case, because support is not available for an individual subscription on a virtual system.  He further related that IF the product had been installed on a local system, OR if the subscription were part of a team account, he would then be able to provide support, but the facts that the account is an individual account and the product is installed on a virtual system prevented him from providing any support (for a paid product!).


      I would like to know if this policy it published publicly where I can view it?  I have searched and have not been able to find anything related to this stance.  I am simply looking for validation that this is in fact policy.  Can someone please point me to the correct URL where I can view this policy \ stance online?


      Thank you