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    Permissions issues?

      I'm attempting to administer my first Contribute site for a client. After a nightmare of getting him set up so he can actually access the site (their IT department had the mother of all firewalls), we now have the problem of him being unable to actually publish the files he wants to edit. They get uploaded to the server all right, but all file names are being changed and appended with "_000" before the file extension. I've changed the permissions on the files at the server level, I've triple-verified that he is defined as a publisher, not a writer. I have a test user on my PC here with the same settings and have no issue publishing files.

      Thoughts? I'm desperate here.

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          ThinkInk Level 2
          Try this:

          1. start Contribute
          2. go to Edit, Adminsiter Websites
          3. go to Users and Roles
          4. pick the role of you user
          5. click Edit Role Settings
          6. go to Folder/file Access
          7. check the option Allow users to remove files they have persmission to edit