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    embedded youtube problems

    JLeigh-3 Level 1
      I have Firefox 2, and I cannot get embedded youtube videos to play correctly. I cannot watch ANY embedded videos at all unless I move my cursor (or mouse) around. The one exception is embedded Yahoo! videos. I can play those without any trouble at all. Embedded videos will not buffer unless I am constantly moving my cursor around. If I stop moving my cursor, the buffering stops and then the video stops. Another interesting thing: if I do not start moving the cursor again after the buffering stops within about 30 seconds or so, the progress bar on the video goes nuts and the video completely stops -showing the "replay" button. The bar starts zipping forwards and backwards continually. I cannot get it to stop. I have to close the browser window. I have already reinstalled shockwave and flash about 5 times. It doesn't do any good at all. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!