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    HTML & SWF placement in Web Dyanmic Project in eclipse

      I have developed a web project using web dynamic project in eclipse3.3. In that i have one welcome page called Login.jsp which is placed in the web.xml< welcome-list >/Jsp/Login.jsp</Welcome-list> , this is because Login.jsp is going to be the default page for my project. I want to introduce the flex to my project i have written one application ( Combo.mxml) with simple two text box and a button.After compiling this application i got bunch of files in bin directory , i tried to place all files in a folder called Jsp in my project and i replaced the Login.jsp with Combo.html in my web.xml (The folder structure i have given below) , after running my java project its not displaying any thing . can anybody help me

      - MyProject : project name
      - bin
      - build
      - src
      - WebContent
      - jsp :jsp is sub folder of WebContent
      - META-INF
      - WEB-INF