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    Sum not updating correctly

    NettyEck Level 1

      Hi.  I am using the Adobe Acrobat 9 at my work.  I have created a sales order form and it is not working correctly.

      Everything works except for the Total Price at the bottom right.  Problem stated at the bottom of this PDF setup outline.


      5 columns (Quantity, Model Number, Description, Price, Total)

      Each row's "Total" is the product of "Quantity" and "Price"

      Bottom left block is the sum of all "Quantity" for a total item count

      Bottom right block is the sum of all "Total"s for a total price


      Problem: The total at the bottom right does not update until I enter the next row's "Quantity".  This means that after the last item is entered, you must go to the next row and enter a "0" in the quantity.  So...if someone forgets to do that, the total price at the bottom right will not be correct.


      Can you help me fix this?  Thank you.  Brian - Omaha, Nebraska