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    LR Classic CC stuck syncing images

    BlueHair Level 1

      Since two weeks LR Classic Image result for lightroom preferences sync status


      In preferences -> Lightroom sync no sync activities are displayed. On LR exit a windows pops up telling me that sync will stop and continue on next start. What is the reason for this behavior? Any solution or workaround?

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi BlueHair,


          As I understand you are unable to sync images as the app is stuck syncing 2 images. Please sign-out and sign-in from Lightroom desktop and creative cloud desktop app and check if that fixes the issue. Also, check which two photos is the app syncing in the Lightroom Preferences> Lightroom mobile> Sync activity section and see if that shows an error message.


          Image result for lightroom preferences sync status




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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            If Akash's suggestions don't help, try going to Preferences > Lightroom Sync, holding down Alt / Opt, and clicking the Rebuild Sync Data button that magically appears.  This should not change your existing synced collections or their contents, just rebuild the existing relationship between LR Classic and LR CC.

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              BlueHair Level 1

              No pending sync activity is listed, on LR screen left upper corner "sync 2 photos" is displayed.


              I followed johnrellis' suggestion and this message disappeared. After two days the the sync 2 photos message was back again. No chance to identify the respective photos, because the pending sync activity list is empty.

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                denisee13030095 Level 1

                This is absolutely ridiculous. What are you doing Adobe? This is the worse experience of my life dealing with Lightroom desktop and syncing to Mobile. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


                The small fancy thing Lightroom it is supposed to do is sync your selected photos with your mobile. Sounds easy enough doesn't it?


                Well, as this thread shows and numerous other threads show - good luck with completing that small task without swimming in the depths of forums trying to find out WHY ISN'T IT WORKING? WHY ARE MY IMAGES STUCK SYNCING? Users are wasting the precious time they have to enjoy this planet trying find out what your problem is and ways to troubleshoot it.


                Adobe why have you have left us in a complete and utter mess? What did we do you other than pay our monthly subscription and I'm paying for you your apps?


                This has been going on for months, the little time I have from working with my images, I have done all the troubleshooting listed here and more it didn't/doesn't work (cost me time though).


                For my friends still pulling their hair out, I found this little video Lightroom Mobile Stopped Syncing - Fix - YouTube . You may have luck with this work around. For me instead of stuck syncing 5,818 it is now stuck syncing 88 and there is no indication in preferences if it is stuck syncing any particular image as that dialog is clear and shows nothing going on - up or down.


                I wish I was the only person this has happened to, but I am not there are lots of us. And every forum the answers you give aren't working! I've got an idea - WHY DON'T YOU FIX THE SOFTWARE? Julianne Kost said we should really think of Lightroom CC as the early days of Classic which back then affectionally didn't have "the crop tool". I don't feel very affectionate waiting for CC to catch up. I do feel affectionate to my fellow travelers who are feeling the pain and frustration navigating this mine field, my heart weeps with you.


                Your move Adobe, what's your suggestion when no work around is working to fix your problem? Remember we are users and not engineers. Make our lives more pleasurable that's what we are paying for.

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                  BlueHair Level 1

                  Hi Akash,


                  I tried what you suggested:

                       1. Open the filter bar, go to the Sync Status pulldown, and choose Syncing.

                       2. For any files listed there, make some minor change. It could be a rating/flag change, add a
                       keyword, or make a minor develop edit.


                  In step 1 (LR CC) I found two photos.


                  Step 2 did not help, hence I deleted the photos in LR CC (exported them before delete). The "sync 2 photos" message disappeared in LR Classic CC. After importing the two photos into LR CC again the sync worked well and the error has not occurred again so far.


                  By the way, the two photos blocking the sync were taken with Lightroom camera on my smartphone, they synced with LR CC but did not sync with LR Classic CC and obviously caused the "sync 2 photos" message.