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    Zero Byte Output Files Issue

    Flaven Level 1
      This suddenly started happening to a 400+ topic Webhelp project: generating the project (local machine) is producing a varying number of zero-byte topic files (the file is created, but contains nothing). That is, one time there will be 15 zero-byte files, the next time 42, the next time 23, and so on. And, the files are random: there is no pattern. This is driving me nuts.

      I've uninstalled, reinstalled, rebuilt, deleted the CPD file, deleted the XPJ file, opened via the HHP file, moved the project, renamed the project, and virtually everything else I can think of -- and am probably too close to it now to see anything obvious. It would seem that the project has a corruption, rather than it being Adobe RH7 itself...but I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions? This project, of course, was due yesterday...
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Assuming the project is on your hard disk and you are generating to your hard disk when you have this problem, here's what I would try.

          1] Create a new project with just a few topics. Fill them with any text but nothing from the old project. Generate that and see what happens.

          2] If it is OK, then import a couple of the topics that are messing up and try again.

          Post back with how that is going.

          What version of RH are you using?

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            Flaven Level 1
            Thanks for taking the time to respond, Peter -- I appreciate that. I copied the same project to my laptop and generated the project with no issues, so there is some conflict on my desktop that is stepping on the compiler. I did a diagnostic startup and uninstalled and reinstalled (with reboots) again and still encountered that issue, and it is also doing the same with other projects I've tested. Once I get the Webhelp offloaded from the laptop, I'll spend some time digging more into this -- at least I've got my output, now.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Are you able to disconnect from the internet and deactivate your antivirus software? I'm a bit doubtful it is that but worth ruling it out.

              You didn't indicate what version of RH. X5 or RH7? HTML or Word?

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                Flaven Level 1
                Adobe RH7, WebHelp output -- thanks for the suggestions: I'll be doing a full-monty strip-down of my dekstop to isolate what is going on. When I figure it out, I'll post the solution.
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                  Flaven Level 1
                  ...and, I found it: PC Tools ThreatFire is the culprit.

                  Disable ThreatFire, generate the project, and everything comes out fine. Enable Threatfire, generate the project, and you end up with a varying number of zero-byte HTM files.

                  Interestingly, none of that shows in the ThreatFire log. I did set up RoboHelp as a trusted app in the ThreatFire settings, but that had no effect: still produced zero-byte files.

                  So, the solution is to either uninstall ThreatFire (which I'm inclined to do now...what else is it stepping on?), or at least right-click its icon and select Disable while running RoboHelp.