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    Lightroom Classic CC keeps syncing, always gets stuck

    korinnag18031546 Level 1

      I uploaded all my pictures (about 80 000) through Lightroom CC, so they would be uploaded to the cloud in full resolution. Since I mainly want to work with Classic, I opened it and let it sync all the pictures (which took several days). It never finished. There were a couple of hundreds errors, but mainly for many days "Syncing 12 photos" without any change. So I closed Lightroom Classic CC, deleted the Sync File and restarted Lightroom Classic. It starts to Sync some pictures, but after some minutes always gets stuck and then doesn't do anything anymore (no change of the syncing number for a day) and doesn't react. Also, always detecting thousands of Sync Errors.


      Does anyone have an idea what is the problem and what I could do?