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    ACR Question: Turn off Local Adjustment Brush Pin.


      Is there a way to permanently turn off the little location 'flags' that pop-up when using the Adjustment Brush in ACR?


      I know you can uncheck the box, but I'd like to always keep it off. They can be very annoying and distracting!




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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi John,


          There is no such way of hiding the location flags(pins) while using the Camera Raw adjustment brush.


          However, we'd love to get this request and feedback submitted officially as a feature request so the engineering team can get this recorded. Could you please post this feedback here: Photoshop Family Customer Community




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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I regard the pins differently and find them really quite useful, especially if you have more than one brush on a single image. Different brushes usually represent different brush settings. Having the ability to select different pins enables the user to switch settings and work with already set adjustments as needed while working with the image. If one cannot choose the different pins, it seems to me that it would add to the complexity of working with the image. After all, when you finish working with the adjustment brush you can switch to the hand tool or the magnifier tool and all of the pins are hidden then anyway.

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