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    Issue: Live Photos + Synchronize Folder + Missing Photos. Workaround?


      If a folder in LR has Live Photos added from iPhone/Photos export from Mac, in actual folder on OS ( in Finder for e.g.) it contains 2 files with the same name but 2 different extensions e.g. IMG_0001.jpg and IMG_0001.mov.


      When Synchronize Folder option is used on this folder, it reports the .jpgs as missing. I can choose to see those missing photos through "Show Missing Photos" in the dialog box, and they come up in a  temporary catalog "Photos Missing From Folder..XYZ".




      1. These photos don't have the usual missing photo icon on their thumbnails.
      2. I can find the photo through "Show In Finder" option -so the photos are NOT actually missing
      3. If I now choose Library->Find All Missing Photos, LR concludes there are No Missing Photos and my previously auto generated catalog "Photos Missing From Folder..XYZ" is  removed from the LR explorer on the left.


      I am aware of the Synchronize bug but is there a workaround?


      Is the only solution renaming the .jpgs?


      Can someone from Adobe comment if there is a fix in works ? Live photos are fairly common now, so it would be great if LR can handle them correctly.