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    Target Recommendation Feed Status

    abhishekg98410891 Level 1

      I tried uploading a feed via URL approach

      Below are the steps I took


      In the Publish instance of AEM DAM I uploaded a .csv file (feedwomenpage.csv).

      PFB URL of feed http://localhost:4503/content/dam/we-retail/feedwomenpage.csv

      Feed is available, if I check putting this URL in chrome browser

      (I created a sample feed after downloading the format from Adobe Target console itself)


      I provided this URL in Adobe Target console, in creation of feed section via csv and URL

      In schedule section, I scheduled it for daily, and provide time after 5 minutes of the time when I created this

      It does not ask for any mapping, environment all host groups and I saved it


      The Feed status Changes from Waiting for downlaod --> Unknown Error (PFA image of error)


      Kindly help me in understanding, where I am going wrong, Why this "Unknown Error" is coming??


      Unknown Error Feed.JPG