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    Starting over with a new machine

    wayneh92496952 Level 1

      I bought a new iMacPro today and want to do what is best to have a fresh, clean LR Classic new start. My current LR catalogue has 50K photos. On my devices and MacBookPro with Lightroom CC everything appears the same and fine. But on my iMac with LR Classic things are not appearing healthy. There is constant Syncing going on with Errors in LR Preferences>Lightroom Sync. I have already once removed Sync.Irdata file from my Library to have a new go at it, but the LR Preferences>Lightroom Sync still has Errors  in the Sync Details/Errors column. In addition to Errors being noted there are additional listing of problems pointing to my iPad, iPhone and MacBookPro. LR Classic Sync in upper left corner keeps on changing as does LR Preferences>Lightroom Sync data. But the numbers are vastly different. For example, LR Classic says 9 images syncing while the LR Preferences says 112 uploading, 24 downloading and 1 pending.


      How would you "clean up" the syncing issues with LR Classic since my LRM and LR CC all seem to be OK.


      My question is how to transition all my LR photos over to a new machine and to create a new Catalogue via importing or use Apple's Migration or some other means of not only bringing over my Photos but my file and folder structures, Collections, Metadata, etc.


      Thank you!