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    How FDS Works

      Hi everybody!!!

      Ok, i have a couple of questions.
      First let me tell you. When I deployed my first Flex 2 Application, I realized that now FSK make the swf file and the html files which have the code needed embed the swf file, and that files must be placed on the server. Ok. i'm right i think.
      Now, i have just downloaded FDS and after i installed it i watched the samples and looking at the address bar i could see that the extension that the file the server takes now is an mxml file, just like the previous version of Flex, and then the server generates the swf file. Does it mean that if we work with FDS we must place all the mxml application files on the server??? and why we don't need that when we deploy applications that don't require interaction with FDS???

      I hope you can help me.

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          inlineblue Level 1
          The main purpose of FDS is to provide smart data management capabilities between your Flex app and the back-end database. It also has the capability to compile Flex applications on-the-fly, but you don't need to use this feature. In fact, I would advise not using this feature at all. Just compile your SWFs locally and place them on the server as you've been doing before.
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            anyoneAlglx Level 1
            Ok, thanks.
            So i can deploy in two ways, the first one placing the mxml files on the server and let the server generate the swf file and view the application based on the mxml files, and the other, placing the swf files and the html files and view the application based on the html and the swf file.

            Is that true???

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              anyoneAlglx Level 1
              Thanks inlineblue.
              You solved all my doubts.