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    Application Memory in Premiere Pro 2018 - Please Help

    jmk566 Level 1

      Beginning two days ago, while using Premiere Pro 2018 on my iMac, I suddenly received a pop-up asking me to Force Quit Applications, as "your system has run out of application memory." The only application I have open is Premiere, and both times I have had to force quit and lose changes to my project. There is no issue with space on my internal hard drive, and I have 16GB of memory on my computer. Looking through these forums, I found others have had similar issues, and that someone solved this by disabling CC Sync Settings by unchecking everything in Sync Settings (which I did, along with moving the 12.0 folder), but Premiere is still using a huge amount of memory. My project is large (35 MB) and contains a good deal of media, but it has never acted like this before.


      I've watched in Activity Monitor while playing one of my Premiere sequences, and Premiere alone rises and ends up using more than 14 GB of memory, which seems unnaturally high. I'm assuming this is causing the "Your System has run out of application memory" message, and I'm wondering what I can do to fix it. Does anyone have any advice?


      Additionally, I read on one board that Premiere knows about a memory issue with Premiere Pro projects in 12.1.1, and that there's a fix for this in a upcoming release - that post was written in June. When is the upcoming release, out of curiosity?