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    Vectors opening very small in Photoshop


      I download vectors often and open them in photoshop. They are always large and crisp files. Two weeks ago, I had one that only opened the size of a thumbnail and would not enlarge. Today, two separate files have done the same thing. Is there any way to tell which files are going to be small images? Or is there an issue?

      When I called I was told I could only open them with Illustrator, but I know that is not the way I have been doing it.

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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Pam,


          Sorry to hear that you are facing issues with Adobe Stock services.


          You may definitely download the vector files using Photoshop. But since they are vector images there are chances that the files may get pixelated and we can't give a guarantee of the image quality. So we suggest downloading the vector files in Illustrator.


          However, can you please let us know the file ID which you are referring to (in your above post) so that we can look into the issue?




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