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    LR images become muddy/darker after rendering in correct/captured exposure


      Hi everyone. I have a problem that has been plaguing me for the last day. I was on a marketing/commercial shoot last week and when my friend was working on the images in LR, suddenly the images to the right started turning dark...as if the exposure had been dialed down quite a bit (all the history in LR only showed 'import' no changes to the images were done and no presets applied). We were using a 5D Mark IV, profoto lights, and editing in Lightroom Classic CC. When he called me telling me of the problem, I pulled up the same images on my computer (running a slightly older version of LR) and they were perfectly fine.  When he came over and had me open his catalog, I had to update my LR version and the images started turning dark and muddy like he was experiencing.  I've since uninstalled the newer LR Classic version and using the version I had used before, but the images are STILL changing and turning muddy/dark after a few minutes.  I'm trying to figure out if it is a camera profile issue etc. It's been so frustrating not knowing what is going on.   Image included is of two back to back photos taken at basically the same time, but the photo on the right has been darkened for some unknown reason.  Thanks!   Screenshot 2018-09-13 19.42.08.png