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    cflayout issue

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      I am creating a tabbed cflayout. Within each tab there is a form. Within two of the six tabs there is a form and a cfgrid. It all works properly, but when you start clicking through the tabs the content from one tab seems to get tacked onto the content of the other tab. It only seems to tack on the content of the two tabs with the cfgrid and cfform in it.

      Example, when I click on Basic, the form displays properly, same with the Format tab. When I click on Choices (cfgird and cfform) that content loads properly but when I click back to Format the Choices content displays along with the Format content. If I click on Basic from there, it also displays the Choices content and the Basic content.

      Here is my cflayout code.

      <cflayout type="tab" name="QuestionTabs">
      <cflayoutarea title="Basic" name="Basic">
      <cfdiv bind="url:Events/Questions/Basic/dsp_basicForm.cfm?Question_ID={Question:QuestionGri d.Question_ID}"/>
      <cflayoutarea title="Format" name="Format">
      <cfdiv bind="url:Events/Questions/Format/dsp_formatForm.cfm?Question_ID={Question:QuestionG rid.Question_ID}"/>
      <cflayoutarea title="Choices" name="Choices">
      <cfdiv bind="url:Events/Questions/Choices/index.cfm?Question_ID={Question:QuestionGrid.Ques tion_ID}"/>
      <cflayoutarea title="Dependents" name="Dependents">
      <cfdiv bind="url:Events/Questions/Dependents/index.cfm?Question_ID={Question:QuestionGrid.Q uestion_ID}"/>
      <cflayoutarea title="Attendees" name="QuestionAttendees">
      <cfdiv bind="url:Events/Questions/Attendees/dsp_attendeesForm.cfm?Question_ID={Question:Que stionGrid.Question_ID}"/>
      <cflayoutarea title="Admin" name="Admin">
      <cfdiv bind="url:Events/Questions/Admin/dsp_adminForm.cfm?Question_ID={Question:QuestionGri d.Question_ID}"/>

      Within the Choices tab it looks like this...

      <cfform name="Choices">
      <div align="center">
      <cfgrid name="ChoicesGrid" format="html" pagesize="7" selectmode="row" striperows="yes" appendkey="yes" font="Verdana"
      bind="cfc:PlanningPointV2.Admin.CFC.choices.getAllChoicesGrid({cfgridpage},{cfgridpa gesize},{cfgridsortcolumn},{cfgridsortdirection},{Question:QuestionGrid.Question_ID})&quot ;>
      <cfgridcolumn name="Choice_ID" display="no">
      <cfgridcolumn name="Choice_Name" header="Choice" display="yes" width="300">
      <cfgridcolumn name="Choice_Default" header="Default" display="yes" width="100">
      <cfgridcolumn name="FeeString" header="Fees" display="yes" width="250">
      <cfgridcolumn name="Choice_Order" header="Order" display="yes" width="100">
      <cfdiv bind="url:Events/Questions/Choices/dsp_choiceForm.cfm?Question_ID={Question:Question Grid.Question_ID}&Choice_ID={Choices:ChoicesGrid.Choice_ID}"/>

      Could it be because of the <cfdiv bind> within that tab? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
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          Are you using the flash grid?
          If so, then it might be a layering issue and that the grid is not hiding properly. I had a chart with the same issue. I used this:
          param name=wmode value=opaque
          Or setting wmode=opaque after the object loads.
          Try that and good luck.