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    Multicam Sequence Playback Issue - Frames Drop




      I am using Premiere since many years, and recently upgraded to a new workstation for Premiere to be smooth. My footage is recorded in 4K and FHD sharing details below.


      Footage Details

      1. 4K at 50fps shot at 150 Mbps using Lumix GH5s. (downscaled to 50%)

      2. FHD at 50fps shot at 60 Mbps using Canon 80D

      3. FHD at 50fps shot at 60 Mbps using Canon 80D


      My workstation details:

      i9 7900x at stock clock speed.

      32gb Ram

      GTX 1070 G1 Edition

      System Drive is Samsung Nvme SSD.

      Project Files on a Software Raid of two 500GB Sandisk SSD. 1 TB Space

      Media Cache on a 128Gb SSD


      Sequence Settings:

      1920x1080 at 50fps. Image Attached.



      The issue I am currently facing is - the frames are dropping and playback stutters when I am on a multicamera sequence. Earlier, that is when I was using a lower bitrate for 1 camera(I was earlier using Sony a58 instead of 80D which recorded at 25fps and a lower bitrate, other two cameras were as is), dint face any such issue.


      Keeping Sequence Setting FPS to 25 helps, but still it drops playback. Speed Ramping or changing speed of some clips makes it completely unwatchable.


      Please help find a solution, thanks guys!