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    Lightroom and private NAS




      I am new to Lightroom and wanted to know if the following setup is possible:


      Simply put, I would like to have the solution Adobe is offering with their new cloud-based applications, meaning to be able to organise and edit my photo library seamlessly from any of my devices (laptop, ipad, iphone), but instead of storing my pictures in the Adobe cloud I would like to use my private NAS. Is this setup possible? Will I be able to upload pictures on the road from my ipad to my NAS through the Lightroom cc app, then also edit pictures in the app on my tablet or iphone and then pick up the work later on my laptop with Lightroom classic with all the sorting out and editing I‘ve done on my mobile devices without having to store my pictures in the Adobe cloud?


      Thank you all for the help!


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          Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you intend to use Lr on your mobile devices then you can't avoid the cloud as it is the only way that the edited, rated, flagged images can be synced to Lr Classic & your NAS. At that point you can either delete your images from the cloud / mobile devices* or keep the images on the cloud / mobile devices*. With latter you can continue edit, rate, flag images on your mobile devices and in Lightroom CC / Classic whereas with the former approach the images exist solely on your NAS  and can't be accessed on you mobile devices or Lr CC.


          * deleting images from cloud also deletes them from mobile devices and vice versa.


          Edit: words in bold text transposed.

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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            No none of this is even remotely possible using any version of Lightroom. The only way to do this currently is to use a physical external disk (external SSDs are tiny and fast) and store a Lightroom Classic catalog+images on it.

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              marer1976 Adobe Community Professional

              As others mentioned, that's not possible.


              How about you get one of these 2-in-1 tablets/laptops and then you could have it with you all the time and work on your images at any time? You could buy one of  these amazing Samsung's portable SSDs (I love them) and load all your images onto one of these?


              Something to think about