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    TimeZone Issue

    craig_mac Level 1
      hi wonder if someone could help me

      i have a timezone converter which i cant get to convert right, if you submit the for on the link below you will see what the date time should be.


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          Im not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish here.
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            craig_mac Level 1
            ok what i need is.

            1. a user have a timezone stored in our database. (for the test i hard coded in Australia/Sydney)
            2. the user selects a date and time in the future.
            3. this date and time need to be converted to the server equivilant date and time (i have a scheduled task finds any items before the current servers datetime which then processes a script)

            so in the test a user is in Australia/Sydney they select a time and date of '05/02/2008 21:15:00'

            i then need to convert this to the servers eqivilant which should be '2008-02-05 05:25:00' which i will then store in my database.

            hope this explains it.