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    shared library problem

    joshuantaylor Level 1
      I have a shared library called "sharedLibrary.swf". I am using some buttons from that library in a new swf called portfolio.swf. The buttons have action script assigned to them in the portfolio.swf file- just simple timeline navigation- but when I publish the file, it appears as though they do NOT have action script assigned to them- aka, nothing happens. There is no timeline movement. Am I missing a step? I exported them for runtime sharing and all that.
      If I double click on the buttons in portfolio.swf, it warns me that they are from a shared file. If I proceed, THEN the action script works. However, then they are not being linked form the sharedLibrary.swf file anymore, they are in the main portfolio.swf library, which makes for a bigger file than I want..

      any suggestions? What am I missing here?
      thank you so much
      Joshua Taylor