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    Change movie dimensions

    BSpero Level 1
      The problem is pretty well summed up in the title. For reasons passing understand, a client has replaced a large LCD monitor that was playing a vertical Director movie at 768x1366 with one whose maximum resolution capability for VGA in is 768x1024. I have messed around with scaling the movie with a MIAW and some other methods, but as I imagined, they are of no use, or I can't get them to behave the way I want. Are there any third party applications that could help display this movie properly on the new screen. It is a wide screen, but can't handle the higher resolution, so I am imagining that if I could squish our current movie, then the screen would stretch it back out into a somewhat presentable state. I am aware of the image quality problems that go along with this, but want to give all the options before they decide to go buy a third monitor to do this. Thanks...

      - B