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    Every 10th photo from my Canon 5D Mark IV won't import

    jtaylor333 Level 1

      I just got back from a trip and had 4600 photos.


      I copied them onto my SSD and then imported into Lr Classic CC (v7.5, Camera Raw v10.5)


      8 of the photos would not import "The files cannot be opened by Lightroom" (RAW .CR2 files)


      The even weirder part is that the 8 photos that wouldn't import are exactly 10 photos apart (9513, 9523, 9533 ……. 9583)


      I copied them back from my PC to a memory card and put it in my camera and the camera reads them perfectly (on its screen).


      This also happened on my previous trip with this camera.  All programs are updated.


      Help appreciated!!