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    LR CC 7.5 Poor Performance Moving Images

    c_creative Level 1

      First up: I have performed all of the steps in here (NB: Fresh install of LR CC on machine).
      Machine Specs:
      AMD TR4 1950x,

      32GB Quad Channel RAM,
      Intel 600P m.2 x2 RAID 1 as main disk with additional m.2 SSD's acting as caches.
      Running Windows 10 Pro v.10.0.17134.


      So, the machine is no slouch.


      Moving photos around on the main disk takes considerably longer time that expected.

      Disk monitor shows approximately 2-11MB/s of activity for LR (with no other significant programs running).

      Photos have been imported as 12 bit Compressed RAW+JPEGS from a pair of Nikon D500's.

      Photos imported with only embedded & sidecar previews. No smart previews are generated.


      Lightroom catalog size: 6.36GB

      Lightroom catalog images: Approx. 315,000

      LR has 30GB set for Cache on separate SSD


      What's going on Adobe?