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    Single Key Accelerators Don't Work When Acrobat Starts


      This issue has been around since 2011 and I'm finding it difficult to believe there hasn't been a fix so I'll put this out on the forum. I use single key accelerators extensively in Acrobat for zooming, creating text boxes etc...  When I open a PDF the single key accelerators don't work until I choose a different tool from the hand tool that is automatically selected when I open a PDF.  Yes, I have the checkbox selected in Preferences. This issue has existed on my last (2) computers - each build from scratch so not a "transferred" registry issue.  This issue has been present in ALL upgrades of Acrobat DC and I'm on the current version.


      Another solution someone posted in 2011 was to right-click on the document to reveal the context sensitive menu and then left click outside the menu and PRESTO! the single key accelerators work.


      My point is that for the monthly fee I pay for the entire CC suite, these issues known issues should be fixed.  As I said, perhaps I've missed the solution in the forums so if you can point me in the right direction, I'd be sincerely appreciative.




      Darryl Carlson