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    Keyframed effects to stretch proprtionally when adjusting clip length

    jaakko.pontinen Level 1



      I found some topics on this but with no definite answers, not at least how I could understand.


      What is needed: To stretch/truncate keyframed effects proportionally when shortening/elongating a clip on the timeline.

      Example: Video A has a 1,5 second keyframed effect. The length of the clip is 12 seconds. I want it to be 10 seconds.

      Problem: As I shorten the clip, the effect's keyframes are left in the now nonexistent part of the clip.


      How to solve this? I make a lot of composition videos where there's little glitches to be found even just before final versions. Some adjustments can cause a myriad of things to adjust, as some keyframed transitions just bluntly get cut upon adjusting clip durations.


      What I've tried: Searching on Google (I'm not sure what to search for as these things can have specific names or terms), searching here on Adobe forums, trying key combos when shortening a clip, tried this and that.


      Thank you for your help.